David Michael Funeral Celebrant

Offering a personalised celebration of a loved one's life.

Funerals in other venues

At Home

In my family it has often been the case that a funeral would be held at home prior to going to the Crematorium.  I have now often taken services in peoples homes, prior a short committal service at the crematorium or burial.  This can be especially helpful if someone is infirm and unable to travel.  You also can decorate the house with colours and items that meant a lot to the deceased.

Funeral Director Chapel of Rests.

Many Funeral Directors have a Chapel of Rest that is suitable for a small service prior to going to the graveside.  These are often suitable when there will only be a few mourners.  I have taken services at Funeral Homes for families.  Talk to your chosen Funeral Director if this is something you would like to consider.

Other Venues

I have taken funerals and memorial services in unusual venues, for example a Yacht Club and the Eden Project.  If you are truly looking for a celebration of your loved one's life it can me truly fitting to hold it in a place that was important to them, for example their Golf Club, their Football Club, Social Club or Public house.  The possibilities are endless as you plan the celebration of your loved one's life.  It may be that you have a private Cremation Service and a Celebration or Memorial Service afterwards in the place that was important to your loved one.