David Michael Funeral Celebrant

Offering a personalised celebration of a loved one's life.


David Michael Funeral Celebrant.

Offering a personalised celebration of a loved one's life.

No two lives are the same. This is why every funeral is completely individual too. Whether you're making the arrangements for the funeral of a loved one, or prudently planning your own, my solemn promise is that I will help you to make the funeral experience as personal and individual as possible in every detail.

A growing number of families are deciding that the traditional funeral service fails to accurately reflect how they feel about their loved one.  They recall how past services they attended somehow left them feeling that something was missing.  Now they wish to have a greater say in the content and tone to ensure they can look back, knowing everything was exactly as their loved one wanted.  Whether you prefer a totally non-religious event, or wish to add hymns, prayers and readings, I will discuss, explain and arrange every detail, leaving you free from worry.

I am widely experienced in conducting funerals closely tailored to your wishes and the wishes of your loved one.  I work closely with your funeral director, so you have the assurance and peace of mind of knowing you are placing your trust in reliable and experienced hands.  On the day I will lead the ceremony and be on hand to offer assistance and support.  Contact me directly or speak to your funeral director.